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Firefox is recommended but Accessibility Help for Different Operating systems is also available.

Ginger supports all struggling writers, including those who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia, and English language learners. Ginger uses patent-pending technology to automatically correct misused words, grammar and spelling mistakes in Microsoft Word and Outlook. For additional functionality, users can purchase Ginger Premium, which offers the same features as Ginger plus text-to-speech and progress reporting.

Pros: The software can take just about any misspelling and/or bad grammar and correct it. Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Word. The premium edition not only corrects spelling and grammar, but can read back the correction.

Cons: The product does require an Internet connection. It installs a small applet, then all corrections come over the Web.

Overall evaluation: Because the program can correct even the most misspelled words and bad grammar, it works especially well for ESL and special education students. The text-to-speech option will be also very helpful, especially for these students.
Retail price: Starts at $145 for 3 stations.

Readability - a tool which makes reading on the Web more enjoyable with many options.

Text-to-Speech Tools


Accessibar Features available for downloading at:

  • Web page fonts and background colors can be changed from a selecton of 70 colors on current session
  • Full Page Zoom interface now available (for Firefox nightly builds only).
  • Icons with configurable shortcut keys to increase and decrease Font size.
  • Line spacing can be increased or decreased to five different spacing settings incrementally.
  • All images (including Flash) displayed on a web page can be selected as being hiden or shown.
  • All changes made to web page display can be restored to original page settings by pressing “Restore Page“.
  • Changes made to the currently displayed web page persist until “Restore Page“ is selected.
  • Integrated Text To Speech reader. Reads out strings hovered over as well as focused elements.
  • Reader settings can be configured allowing the selection of the voice, volume, speaking rate, pitch, and
  • voice range.
  • Toolbar functions have configurable Hotkeys (keyboard shortcuts).

Autism, Math, Reading, Writing, Organizational and other Resources Braille through Remote Learning - Providing educators, parents, future and current braille transcribers, and other interested persons with the knowledge to create Grade 2 braille documents using one or several braille writing devices.

Succeed-HI Deaf CS- Online lessons and activities with corresponding sign language video for hearing impaired students and their instructors.

Also, try checking on to find videos related to a topic for students to view. Make a custom playlist for them to watch using

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic®: Building Bridges Between Print Disabilities and Educational Success